Watch A Tyrannosaurus Rex Take on 'American Ninja Warrior'

Who knew T-Rex was so agile?

Watch A Tyrannosaurus Rex Take on 'American Ninja Warrior'

Few things in life seem as physically daunting as running an American Ninja Warrior obstacle course. So to make that task more difficult by wearing an inflatable Tyrannosaurus Rex suit seems masochistic. It's the kind of thing that ought to get someone involuntarily held for a 48-hour period to determine whether he's a danger to himself. (And clearly he could only be a danger to himself.)

Regardless of whether this impressive incognito athlete is truly a masochist, you have to admit he really commits to this whole T-Rex thing — wiggling his proportionately tiny arms, brazenly jumping from obstacle to obstacle despite the extra weight and giant extra head, and just generally being a great sport about falling 15 feet into a pool while wearing athletic shoes.

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