Good Guy NBC Saves 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' From Fox Cancellation

The comedy's fans came to its rescue.

Good Guy NBC Saves 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' From Fox Cancellation

Just one day after Fox made the baffling decision to cancel Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the beloved series has been saved by NBC! The comedy will return for 13 episodes in Season 6.

The acquisition isn't totally shocking considering NBC bid for the show way back in 2012, before it hit TV. Its partner, Universal TV, also produces the series. But the biggest factor in saving Nine-Nine was fan outcry. Response to its cancellation was so loud, it was nearly impossible to ignore — thanks in part to the show's loyal cast.

"Now would be a good time to get loud Nine Niners," Nine-Nine actress Melissa Fumero wrote on Twitter on Thursday, May 10.

Funny enough, one of the most outspoken fans was Star Wars legend, Mark Hamill.

"Oh NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I'm SO not ready to say #ByeBye99," Hamill wrote on Thursday. "Be forewarned @FOXTV-when networks dump shows I love, I'm known for holding grudges a long, L-O-N-G time. I'm still mad @CBS didn't renew #SquarePegs! #EverythingILikeGetsCancelled"

After NBC's renewal was announced, Nine-Nine star Terry Crews personally thanked Hamill for championing the movement.

"I want to personally THANK YOU Mark for using the power of the force to save Brooklyn Nine Nine! *Wipes dirt off shoulder*" he wrote.

"'Thanks @terrycrews, the pleasure was all mine!' he said, accepting full credit while ignoring the 99 gazillion other fans who love this show & collectively really made it happen," Hamill responded graciously.

Shape of Water director, Guillermo del Toro, also spoke out passionately on the show.

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine has given us fully human characters, beautiful, powerful, flawed, vulnerable, majestic... In whichever form, B99 must return," he shared. "It will. And I will be there to watch. And, it is my hope that I hope that, this time, a lot more people do too."

Most of the show's cast has spoken out in thanks since the good news broke.

"It’s NINE o’clock and the NINE NINE is now on NBC," Joe Lo Truglio wrote. "We are so grateful for our fans. THANK YOU. You made this happen. And we’re excited about this amazing new chapter for Brooklyn Nine-Nine."

"NBC TAKIN B99 OFFA FOXES HANDSIES BBBBBSSSSSSssss," Chelsea Peretti shared enthusiastically.

"Thank you to everyone for the crazy outpouring of support," shared Andy Samberg. "It means the world to us. It wouldn’t have happened without you."

So, who's ready for Season 6?

Good Guy NBC Saves 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' From Fox Cancellation

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