'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Top 10 Moments from 'Because the Night'

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The 70s were all about drugs and disco — with a healthy serving of bloodsucking on the side, apparently. Tonight's episode of The Vampire Diaries flashed back 35 years to Damon's time in NYC, where he enjoyed some quality time with a very familiar face. And back in Mystic Falls, Silas and Bonnie wreaked havoc on some witches and Caroline got caught in the crossfire. Read on for the Top 10 moments from "Because the Night."

1. "Son of Giuseppe"
The episode opens with a poor, unsuspecting couple strolling through the dark streets of NYC when they happen to come up a man lying face down on the sidewalk. But before they can check his vitals, he's up snacking on the girl. “You’re that serial killer, aren’t you? Son of Sam?” the terrified guy asks as the 1977 version of Damon casually strolls out from the shadows to quip, “Son of Giuseppe, but close enough." So 70s Damon was basically an emotionless killing machine, but at least he still had wit.

2. Bonnie's back — and she knows Shane is Silas
The last time we saw Bonnie it looked like she had no idea that immortal baddie Silas was hiding out in Shane's body, but apparently girlfriend has known all along. She might be brainwashed or something, it's hard to tell. Either way, Team Bilas is all about getting 12 witches together to complete the sacrifice triangle that will bring everyone back from the dead. For a girl who hasn't attended a high school class in like three years, it's good to see Bonnie having some goals.

3. Elena's ulterior motive
So Damon's back in New York to try and find out where Katherine and the cure are, and he thinks Elena is just tagging along to have some fun. But surprise, Elena knows exactly what Damon's up to and she's got a plan to find the cure first so she can get rid of it and keep being a loose cannon bloodsucker about town. Rebekah also shows up, and she offers to help Elena out with her plan, but Elena shoos her away as "one big emotional variable." Which, true story.

4. "You got Lexi-ed?"
It turns out Damon wasn't the only vampire hanging out in NYC during the 70s. Stefan heard about Damon's exploits all the way down in Mystic Falls, so he sent Lexie to try and get his brother back on the good vampire wagon. Lexie drank (alcohol and blood) with Damon in an effort to get him to talk about Katherine — apparently turning the humanity switch back on involves a lot of metaphoric gut spilling. All of the Lexie/Damon bonding is actually pretty charming, and it makes you wish she'd gotten to stick around a bit longer during Season 1. But about that...

5. The birth of Dexie
For a moment it looks like Lexie's psychotherapy has done the trick. Damon tells her that he's turned his emotions back on because he's fallen for her and the two share a passionate night under the stars on the roof of the club. But oh wait — Damon's just been emotionally punking her as revenge for the six months of nagging her's endured from her. He leaves Lexie out on the roof to sizzle in the rising sun and doesn't see her again until she shows up in Mystic Falls, where he, um, murdered her. Way to let go of a grudge, Damon.

6. Bonnie vs. the Coven
Meanwhile, in the woods of Mystic Falls some major shiz is going down between Bonnie and the 12 witches who've gathered under the guise of helping her overcome the power of Expression. Bonnie's in full possession mode — how creepy were her white eyes? — and it looks like she's easily going to take down the Coven, but then Stefan shows up to warn the witches that this is all part of Silas' master plan to kill them. The witches turn on Bonnie, insisting that she's past saving if Silas has gotten to her, which leads to...

7. Caroline commits the sacrifice to save Bonnie
Rather than let Bonnie die at the hands of the coven, Caroline jumps in and kills the lead which, thus killing the other 11 witches who are linked to her. It's shocking, and a testament to how loyal Caroline is to her friends that she basically just murdered 12 people in cold blood.

8. Vampire tag team
Elena tries to pull a Damon on Damon by seducing him up on the roof just like her did to Lexie all those decades ago. But Damon knows that she's just trying to find out where Katherine is, and he warns her that she's going to do something she truly regrets if she doesn't turn her humanity back on soon. But what Damon doesn't anticipate is Rebekah swooping in to break his neck so she and Elena can get what they've been looking for all along. Katherine's address in hand, the two gals grab Damon's car and set out on a road trip. After watching Elena and Rebekah battle each other for months, it's pretty awesome to see them working together as a team. New vampire BFFs alert!

9. Klaus gives Caroline the cold shoulder
Shocked at what she's done, Caroline turns to Klaus for comfort. The only problem? She's spent most of the episode trashing him for everything awful he's done over the years. “People who do terrible things are just terrible people," she spat not long before the whole coven thing went down. Now, as Caroline stands in front of him in tears, it looks like Klaus may be willing to forgive and forget. Or not. “You look like you're in need of comfort," he whispers sympathetically before coldly telling her, "Why don’t you find someone less terrible you can relate to?”

10. Silas vs. Klaus
At last, the two big bads in Mystic Falls finally meet — and it looks like Silas may, indeed, be the baddest of them all. Silas wants to know the location of the cure, so he partially stabs Klaus with the white oak stake to get the information out of him. Silas: 1, Klaus: 0.

What did you think of "Because the Night?" Did you kind of love seeing Damon's slightly longer 70s hair? Were you surprised at Caroline's decision to kill off the coven to save Bonnie? Are you loving the Elena/Rebekah tag team? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments below!

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