'The Office' Documentary Isn't The Reboot We Want, But We'll Take It (Whatever It Is)

Actor Robert Shafer (aka Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration) posted several Facebook messages seemingly confirming that a documentary is in the works.

'The Office' Documentary May Not Be The Reboot We Desire, But We'll Take It

We may not get a reboot of The Office any time soon, but we may get treated in the near future to a documentary about the beloved comedy. This week, Robert Shafer, aka the actor who played Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration, took to his Facebook to offer up this golden nugget of information: A documentary about a mockumentary is in the works! Not quite the Michael Scott and Co. reunion show we are all so thirsty for, but I'll take it. 

"I got an email that I thought you might find interesting," the actor revealed, before dropping in what appears to be the contents of the email itself. According to the post, the documentary will be titled That's What She Said (And They Said Too!). Filming
will apparently begin in April. The release will also be timed around the show's 15th anniversary. (That's 2020 for all you non-math people out there.) 

Now, I have so many questions abut this news. First and foremost, am I being punked? If I am being punked, for shame! But, it's also fun to think about what this extremely meta undertaking would look like if and when it comes to fruition. Who else is on board? Who the heck is even making this documentary? Also, will Angela's cats somehow be involved?

To add more mystery to this whole thing, Shafer later returned to Facebook to clarify via video that this project is NOT reboot of The Office in any way, shape, or form. He also did so before heavily promoting his 2018 film Dick Dickster, so, yeah, I'm not really sure what to make of all this. 

Documentary or no documentary. Reunions that tease potential reboots or not. This fan of The Office remains hopeful. 

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