Kristen Stewart Hosts 'SNL,' Accidentally Drops F-Bomb, Reminds Everyone That Trump Is Strangely Obsessed With Her

It was an eventful night on the 'SNL' set.

Kristen Stewart Hosts 'SNL,' Accidentally Drops F-Bomb, Reminds Everyone of That One Time Trump Was Obsessed With Her

Perhaps the ideal individual to host Saturday's SNL was Kristen Stewart, whose infamous "feud" with Donald Trump in 2012 rapidly became the hottest topic of the moment.

During the actress' badass opening monologue, Stewart accidentally dropped the "f-bomb," a mistake that only momentarily derailed her thought process.

"We've got a good show and I totally care that I'm here because it's the coolest f*cking thing ever," Stewart said before her eyes got wide. "I'm sorry and Alessia Cara is here and I'll never be back again," she laughed, processing the blunder alongside Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant. "Stick around!"

Just prior to dropping the unexpected expletive, Stewart discussed Trump's long-forgotten obsession with ex Robert Pattinson and herself.

"I don't think he likes me that much," she said of former reality TV star Trump. "Here's how I know: four years ago this guy I was dating this guy named Rob. Robert. We broke up and then we got back together, and for some reason it made Donald Trump go insane.

"Okay. To be fair, I don't think Donald Trump hated me," Stewart continued. "I think he's in love with my boyfriend. The president is not a huge fan of me. But that is so okay. And Donald, if you didn't like me then, you're really probably not going to like me now. Because I'm hosting SNL and I'm, like, so gay, dude."

Stewart is currently dating supermodel Stella Maxwell.


Trump's tweets on Stewart and Pattinson have since resurfaced. We've compiled them in all their sexist glory for both yours and our viewing pleasure.


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