'Supergirl's Dreamer Will Only Make An Impact If She’s Allowed To Stick Around

'Supergirl' is making history with the first transgender superhero, but its trend of writing off supporting heroes after one season is worrisome.

'Supergirl's Dreamer Will Only Make An Impact If She’s Allowed To Stick Around
The CW

Supergirl's newest hero finally has her costume. In a new promo, Nia Nal (Nicole Maines) suits up for the first time as Dreamer for Supergirl Season 4.

Nia Nal is Supergirl's latest addition to an ever-growing cast of supporting heroes. First introduced in Season 4, Nia is a CatCo reporter (personally recommended by the infamous and absent Cat Grant). Over the course of the season, we've watched the powers Nia has had since she was young become stronger than ever before. In the upcoming Jan. 27 episode, "Blood Memory," Nia's backstory and abilities will come to light, and her family will inform viewers on when Nia first began to "dream."

Her friendship with Kara has yet to truly blossom as Nia has no idea Kara is Supergirl, but the time is near. After all, there's no way Kara will keep her identity hidden from a fellow alien and hero, right? As long as they're not Lena Luthor, anyone can get in on Kara's biggest secret.

Dreamer Will Only Make An Impact If She’s Allowed To Stick Around On 'Supergirl'
The CW

Unfortunately, according to TVLine, Nia won't slip on her suit until the Supergirl episode airing February 17, but interim episodes should explore television's first transgender superhero. We'll also get a glimpse of the suit on Jan. 27. Could it be in the box her father is handing her in the image above? Has Nia attempted the superhero thing before?

While Supergirl is making history with television's first transgender superhero, I can't help but hold my breath.

We've seen time and time again how Supergirl treats its supporting heroes. Love him or hate him, the series spent two seasons developing Mon-El and building up his heroic abilities, just to ship him off to the future.

Dreamer Will Only Make An Impact If She’s Allowed To Stick Around On 'Supergirl'
The CW

Winn, the tech guy behind Supergirl and Guardian, was another superhero developed for, well, nothing because he was also sent to the future prematurely. Whether he's considered a hero or not, he was a supporting figure in Kara's life, and he packed up and left so abruptly.

The only reason Brainy stuck around is because Jeremy Jordan, the actor who played Winn, wanted a break from the series. Writers had to concoct some way to replace him with another character, hence the virus that prevented Brainy from returning to his time. This forced Winn to leave the present and save humanity.

Sam/Reign was another character the show put significant time into (Odette Annable) as two characters (one as a hero, one as a villain), who bounced after one season. So, should fans really get attached to another new character?

Developing the first transgender superhero is a huge accomplishment, and Supergirl deserves credit for taking initiative to write her story — but why should we care if she'll be gone after a single season? A quick exit isn't confirmed, but it's the most likely scenario, considering Supergirl's history.

Nia's presence on TV is going to be washed away if Supergirl drops the character after one season. Being a reporter, an alien, and a hero puts Nia in a unique place to make a difference and have a real presence in Kara's life. There's no one she could possibly relate to more.

If Maines is allowed to stick around for a few seasons (at least) I'll truly respect Supergirl for making a difference. But if this is a one and done deal and Nia disappears after season's end, what will have changed?

Fans have taken to Nia (similarly to how they took to Sam during Supergirl Season 3), and the excitement about Nia's superhero future is at an all-time high with the release of the character poster.

Supergirl returns January 20 for the back half of Season 4.

Are you excited for Dreamer to appear, or are you worried the series will drop her before she has time to shine?

Watch the trailer for the new episode below!