The 'MythBusters' Proved the 'Breaking Bad' Gun Could Really Work

One of Walter White's most-debated innovations is definitely "plausible."

'MythBusters' Prove the 'Breaking Bad' Gun Could Really Work
AMC / Discovery

Among the more contentious points debated by fans over the final season of Breaking Bad is whether Walter White's ingenious booby trap car trunk machine gun could actually work as designed. Kludged together from an automatic M60 and a garage door opener, White's trap rained death upon a room full of Nazi drug manufacturers, allowing him to escape (almost) unscathed. But the thing had to shoot through the metal of a car then through the sheetrock of a wall just to hit its intended targets. Is that possible? It turns out it is.

Those beloved builders at Mythbusters tackled the imposing task of recreating White's booby trap for a recent episode, building an oscillating gear out of a garage door opener to get their M60 to swing back and forth in the trunk of a car. Joined by Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan, they proved this contraption is at least "plausible" as the bullets did punch through the car and the wall to annihilate their intended targets on the other side. Watch and be amazed.

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