Kree Harrison Isn't Sweating That Second-Place 'American Idol' Finish

Kree Harrison finished second to Candice Glover in last week's American Idol finale, but she's not letting her also-ran status bring her down. She told MTV, she's just excited about all the opportunities the show is bringing her.

"There's so many Idols that I look up to: Carrie [Underwood], Kelly [Clarkson], Kellie Pickler's one of my best friends," she said. "[Pickler] is such a strong woman and her work ethic is incredible. So for me, there's so many. It doesn't matter where you place. Jennifer Hudson! I mean, come on!"

Kree will join Idol pal Pickler for a gig with season 12 judge Keith Urban at the Grand Ol' Opry on June 4. Unlike some contestants, Kree has nothing but nice things to say about her Idol judges.

"All four judges always gave me great advice, and Keith more than anything," she said. "I feel like I found a happy medium through his constructive criticism. I feel like he's really helped me with that, as well as the other three judges. For some many, different reasons I love each one of them."

(Photo from FameFlynet)
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