'Glee' Final Season Plot Twist: Intriguing or Depressing?

'Glee' Final Season Plot Twist: Intriguing or Depressing?

Listen up, kids. Sometimes you have big dreams and even bigger talent. And sometimes you back up those dreams and talent with a whole lot of hard work and moxie. And sometimes, just when you think you've finally achieved the success you've always deserved...you end up working at your old high school. That's basically the plot of Glee's final season, you guys.

According to the latest Season 6 spoilers, after failing to make it as a TV star, Rachel Berry heads back to Lima, Ohio to find herself and ends up becoming the leader of the defunct New Directions. Is it just us, or is this like the most depressing possible storyline for Glee's final season? Rachel Berry was always the bright, shining, insanely talented star who was so obviously destined for things outside of Lima. Even if her first big shot at TV stardom went kaput — as most people's first big shots at TV stardom do — is there any doubt that Rachel would pull up her big girl britches and try again? Watching her go back to Lima to roam the halls of McKinley High in an effort to regain her mojo is like watching the saddest part of every Broadway musical without ever getting to the triumphant finale. It's like watching Barbra Streisand sing "Funny Girl" through tears over and over again.

There are some bright spots in the plans for Glee's final season, though. Along with Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, Dot-Marie Jones, Jane Lynch, Kevin McHale Matthew Morrison, Chord Overstreet, and Amber Riley will all be back as season regulars (don't worry, Naya Rivera will also make an appearance). Max Adler, who played closeted football player Dave Karofsky, will also appear in four episodes, and he's rumored to be a love interest for Blaine (sorry Klaine fans).

So what do you think about Rachel returning to McKinley to lead the New Directions? Is it a poignant way of bringing the show full circle or is it just a big ole bummer? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments below! The final 13-episode season of Glee will air at midseason on Fox.
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