'American Idol' Finale Song Spoilers: Here's What Candice Glover & Kree Harrison Will Be Singing Tonight, May 15, 2013

Kree Harrison and Candice Glover (From Fox)Here we are in finals week, and we've got your American Idol song spoilers for Candice Glover and Kree Harrison's final performance night before the Season 12 winner is determined. This time the ladies will be singing three songs each, one that's a reprise of a song performed earlier in the season, one chosen by Idol creator Simon Fuller, and one brand-new coronation song tailored to each singer.

Song 1: Reprise

Candice: "I Who Have Nothing" by Ben E. King
Kree: "Up to the Mountain" by Patty Griffin

Song 2: Simon Fuller's Choice

Candice: "Chasing Pavements" by Adele
Kree: "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan

Song 3: Original Coronation Songs

Candice: "I Am Beautiful"
Kree: "All Cried Out"

It's sort of surprising that Candice is doing "I Who Have Nothing" for her reprise instead of "Lovesong," but maybe that's because it would be weird if she were singing two Adele songs on the final performance night. (Yes "Lovesong" is a Cure song, but she sings the Adele arrangement.) All four of the known songs selected for tonight are slow ones. Talk about a low-energy way to end the competition. We couldn't get something a little more upbeat in there? Kree's got a couple of crowd-pleasers on her hands, but they're both so overdone, you wonder if she should have some more contemporary selections. For the record, "Up to the Mountain" has been done by three previous stars from singing competitions: Kelly Clarkson, Crystal Bowersox, and Susan Boyle.

Candice has two songs that let her show off that big powerful voice that (we think) will likely carry her to victory. "I Who Have Nothing" and "Chasing Pavements" are both the kinds of dynamic songs that will allow Candice to prove that even if she doesn't win, she's still the better singer.

Obviously we don't know anything about these potential coronation songs, but both the titles seem well-suited to the singers, almost too well-suited. Candice has had a running narrative of being beautiful despite being big, and choosing a song called "I Am Beautiful" runs dangerously close to turning that narrative into something crass. Meanwhile we don't have to hear a note of "All Cried Out" to suspect it's going to be a bluesy country song for the show's bluesy country folk hero, Kree.

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