The First Trailer For Season 2 Of Netflix's 'The OA' Is Here To Melt Your Brain

Get your brain juice ready, everybody. We're headed to another dimension.

The First Trailer For Season 2 Of Netflix's 'The OA' Is Here

It's been quite some time since we heard updates about Brit Marling'The OA, the trippy sci-fi (ish) series that got us all weirdly feeling the transformative power of interpretative dance. And finally, after two long years, we get our first look at the equally trippy and wonderfully bonkers trailer for Season 2. By the looks of things, we have successfully completed the "movements" and jetted off to some other dimension where the events of Season 1 are but a mere distant memory... or are they? 

After waking up in the hospital, our OA finds herself in an alternative dimension. The year is 2016 and nobody has even heard of Barack Obama (say, what?). The OA (which stands for Original Angel) is now a rich Russian heiress living in San Francisco. Back in the other dimension (from Season 1), the boys in her old neighborhood try to piece together what the heck happened to them. There's also a missing person that some detective played by Karim Washington is trying to find. In other words, we're not really sure what is happening or how everything is connected. 

Now before you dive into the Season 2 trailer below, make sure to jog your memory with a Season 1 recap. Some names you will ultimately want to get reacquainted with include: 

- Prairie Johnson 
- Homer 
- Steve, French, Buck, and Jesse
- Hap
- The Movements

Get your brain juice ready, everybody. This new season is going to be a wild ride. 

The OA returns to Netflix on March 22. 

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