'Gotham' Recap: Gotham's Most Wanted for 'Selina Kyle'

'Gotham' Recap: Gotham's Most Wanted for 'Selina Kyle'

Hey, Gotham fans! New year, new shows, and we’re so thrilled to be taking this recap trip to Gotham with you. In case you missed the pilot last week, tweenage Bruce Wayne’s parents were killed right in front of him, Jim Gordon might be the only non-corrupt cop in all of Gotham, and his partner Harvey Bullock is a little bit working with Fish Mooney, who works for Don Falcone, head of the Gotham mob. So without further ado, let’s talk about Gotham’s Most Wanted from the show’s second episode.

Who: The duo behind the fake “Mayor’s Homeless Outreach Program”
Known for: Kidnapping street kids by first luring them with food and then drugging them with an Arkham Asylum relic potion used to sedate troublesome patients.
Last Seen: Um, taking kids. Intimidating Mr. Quillan the drug supplier, into lying to the police. Hijacking a bus of kids (who are being sent upstate by the Mayor after Jim and Bullock find the kids but not the kidnappers) to send to “The Dollmaker” (whose very name sends a chill down our spines). Fortunately, our heroes Jim and Bullock catch these two before they can ship the kids away in a giant metal crate.

'Gotham' Recap: Gotham's Most Wanted for 'Selina Kyle'Who: Fish Mooney
Known for: Taking care of the Theatre District for Falcone...and wanting to usurp her boss’ throne. She also likes to alternately befriend/scare cops.
Last Seen: Plotting Don Falcone’s demise. She knows that she can’t do anything yet, so she’s just watching...and waiting (and vividly describing how she’ll kill him with her bare hands while Butch holds her shoes). And hoping that Falcone doesn’t beat up her boytoy again.

Who: Don Falcone
Known for: Running the mob in Gotham
Last Seen: Paying a foreboding visit to Fish during which he tells her, "I never lose sleep over my enemies. It's my friends who keep me awake." Then he has her loverboy beat to a pulp and coolly kisses her hand before departing.

'Gotham' Recap: Gotham's Most Wanted for 'Selina Kyle'Who: Oswald Cobblepot
Known for: Walking like a penguin (but don’t tell him that), murder, rage, and preparing to take down Fish Mooney.
Last Seen: Stabbing and killing two prepsters who pick him up hitchhiking, then donning their collared shirts and sweaters, and then renting a trailer in the boondocks, decorating it with a map of the war that’s going to erupt in Gotham...all while his wonderfully nutty mother is questioned by the Major Crimes Unit about his whereabouts.

Who: Edward Nygma
Known for: Annoying his superiors with riddles. Seems to rub them the wrong way.
Last Seen: Giving a lead on this child-snatching plotline. You go, Edward.

Who: Selina “Cat” Kyle
Known for: Pickpocketing, climbing, witnessing murders, being mute. Having a locket with a pic of her mother in it like Little Orphan Annie does.
Last Seen: Cleverly avoiding the child snatchers only to be picked up later on, when the Mayor goes on his crusade to round up all the kids on the street to send them “upstate.” Luckily, her feline ways serve her well — she escapes, scratches a guard’s eyes out, and even speaks for the first time! To demand to speak to Jim a number of times and tell him she saw the real Wayne murderer, “clear as day.”

'Gotham' Recap: Gotham's Most Wanted for 'Selina Kyle'What’s Bruce Wayne up to, you may ask? Oh just trying to conquer fear and pain and drawing angsty doodles and refusing to see a psychiatrist, unless it’s Jim Gordon playing psychiatrist. And Barbara soon-to-be-Gordon? Calling in a tip about the child-snatchers to the Gotham Gazette, which puts a lot of fire on the GCPD.

Next week on Gotham? More gunshots, a vigilante Oswald Cobblepot, and Barbara doubling down on her loyalty to Jim. All in a day’s work, eh, Gotham fans? We’ll see you next week — but make sure you don’t end up on our Most Wanted list along the way.