Surf or Stay? NBC's 'Heroes Reborn'

Did the sequel live up to the original? Sound off here!

Surf or Stay? NBC's 'Heroes Reborn'

Will Heroes Reborn need a hero to survive fall's competitive TV line-up? 

Fans rejoiced after hearing that the ill-fated NBC series was getting a modernized reboot. But did tonight's premiere follow in the footsteps of its predecessor? And, depending on who you are, is this a good thing or a bad thing? 

Frankly, we're on the fence. There's no doubt that most Heroes devotees will argue that season one was its strongest, so why run the risk of continuing where we left off (which wasn't great)? Perhaps it's because there's nowhere to go but up. Perhaps there's a newer audience who voiced demand. Perhaps it's because producers have run out of original ideas for primetime television. Either way, it's part of the small screen landscape for a reason and we want to know what you think. 

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