The Premiere of 'The Bachelor' Featured a Unicorn, a Pony, and Ben Higgins

Last night's episode was all kinds of crazy.

The Premiere of 'The Bachelor' Featured a Unicorn, a Pony, and Ben Higgins

The wait is finally over for #BachelorNation thanks to the return of the inimitable Ben Higgins. The newest bachelor ― and arguably the sexiest one yet ― was sweet and charming despite meeting a slew of crazy ladies during last night's premiere of The Bachelor. From a unicorn to a pony to a drunk gal named Lace, Higgins overcame a lot of obstacles to survive his first night as America's latest sweetheart.

Check out the most memorable moments from the premiere below.

Joelle introduced herself as a unicorn because why not?

Hey, a girl's gotta do something crazy to be memorable.

Shushanna chose to forego English so she could make a lasting impression.

Perhaps she was testing the Love Actually theory?

The Premiere of 'The Bachelor' Featured a Unicorn, a Pony, and Ben Higgins

Shushanna never actually confirmed what language she was speaking, but it sounded like Russian."I'm either getting tired or losing my mind,” Higgins said after meeting her. We're with you, buddy.

Maegan brought a pony, and no one was surprised.

The house was already a zoo at this point, and Maegan's cute pony, Huey, somewhat eased the tension. In fact, Huey was probably more sober than half of the women.

Two of the contestants were identical twins because who wouldn't want to share a boyfriend with their sister?

The Premiere of 'The Bachelor' Featured a Unicorn, a Pony, and Ben Higgins

Emily and Haley dressed alike and even spoke in unison throughout the night. However, their bizarre introduction was more reminiscent of The Shinning rather than The Parent Trap.

Mandi rose to a whole new level of crazy.

Last night, Mandi definitely proved that she's #50ShadesOfCrazy. Seriously, if you don't pass Mandi's oral hygiene exam, then you have no chance of making out with her. This dentist means business, okay!

Lauren R. refused to say her name, even though Higgins asked her repeatedly.

Here's a tip, ladies: If you don't say your name, then you probably won't be called out during the rose ceremony.

Breanne broke gluten-free bread instead of “breaking the ice.”

The Premiere of 'The Bachelor' Featured a Unicorn, a Pony, and Ben Higgins

Because it's the cuter and healthier alternative, y'all! Everyone knows that carbs are Satan, but all those baguettes didn't get Breanne a rose in the end.

Caila broke up with her boyfriend to be on The Bachelor, and then jumped into Higgins' arms like a lunatic.

Who needs a steady relationship when you can share a guy with 25 other women? Caila proved to be a little nuts after revealing that she broke up with her boyfriend after seeing Higgins on The Bachelorette. Either Caila thinks she's living in a production of Bye Bye Birdie or she just might be crazy enough to win this whole thing. Who knows? Sanity has little to do with reality TV.

There was a chicken enthusiast.

After showing off several framed pictures of her chickens, Tiara revealed herself to be one of the most unstable contestants of the night.

We all found our saving Lace.

Of course there's a resident mean girl every season, and this time around it's Lace. After creepily stealing the first kiss, getting hammered, and accusing Higgins of making ZERO eye contact with her during the rose ceremony, Lace revealed herself to be the real life version of Cecily Strong's Saturday Night Live character, “the girl you wish you hadn't started a conversation with at a party.” We look forward to all the drama that Hurricane Lace will bring this season.

Amber and Becca returned after having to suffer through Chris Soules' season.

It's safe to say that Amber and Becca were not welcomed with open arms. In fact, some people didn't recognize Amber at all. For a moment, it seemed like even Higgins couldn't recall who she was!

What did you think of last night's premiere of The Bachelor? Is Higgins worth all the hype? 

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