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The season four finale was a two-episode, two-hour long finale FULL of drama, revelations, happy endings, and cliffhangers. Plus, there's a new Dark One in Storybrooke!
From the good, to the bad, to the downright wicked, Storybrooke's mommies come in all types.
It's a battle between Storybrooke's Savior and Maleficent's dark daughter in this week's episode! Plus, a new bundle of joy is on its way for one of the characters!
101 reasons to question everything you know about the skunk-haired villain.
Zelena is back and things certainly got wicked.
Because nothing says "homelessness" like having a house in the Hamptons and living in the presidential suite at the Essex House.
Blood! Battles! Wolves! Deaths! Welcome to reality, Alexandria.
Maleficent's child the and identity of the mysterious author? Consider these cases solved.
The liArs are at the mercy of A in the shocking 'Pretty Little Liars' season five finale.
True Life: America's Favorite Sea Witch.
Oh, come on. How much longer could badass realist Rick Grimes handle Alexandria's delusions without snapping?
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Ali’s trial comes to a close, but not before a surprise witness takes the stand and Mike Montgomery returns to Rosewood.
Regina must prove herself worthy of joining the Queens of Darkness and their little “Bad Girl’s Club.”
Two bloody deaths take place as the cracks in Alexandria finally begin to show.
Ali’s trial starts and things aren’t looking good for her...or the rest of the liArs.
Snow White and Prince Charming’s big, dark secret – including plenty of flashbacks, bombshells, and baby mama drama!
A band of militant, post-Apocalyptic survivors needs to swap blood-soaked fights for board games and roasted squirrel for homemade casseroles. Awkward hi-jinks ahead!
As Ali’s trial looms large, the liars try to keep one of their own from joining her in prison.
Hot showers (! ! ! ) provide a much needed rebirth for (almost) the entire group. But like everything in the apocalypse, is Alexandria too good to be true?
The LiArs take a trip to the clink — and one liAr takes a trip to London.
It IS hard to trust anyone who smiles after getting punched in the face.