Bruce learns to fight just as Gordon and Bullock investigate a fight club. Selina Kyle also returns!
Our burning (or freezing, rather) questions, are finally answered.
Which two characters are getting it on in the Apocalypse? (!!!) And what's reallllly going on in that brain underneath Eugene's mullet? Tonight's episode was big and dirt-filled.
Jim Gordon faces the consequences of his inaction, and Penguin makes a power play.
Secrets, lies, and betrayal answer questions about the Snow Queen’s plan and what happened to sweet Anna.
Beth is back! And she's desperate to discharge herself from a hospital of horrors. Plus we finally get to see what the city of Atlanta is looking like these days in the Apocalypse!
Plus, drinking Zimas brings the dead back to life.
You think the Winchesters have sibling rivalry? That's nothing compared to a pair of werewolf sisters.
Things in Gotham get stickier and stickier and we're introduced to a new villain this week.
This week, more of the Snow Queen's icy endgame was revealed, including a major plot-twisting shocker!
Gareth and the Terminus crew don't have a prayer when they dare to force their way into Rick's place of refuge.
Did you catch the premiere of the 'Hellblazer' inspired series? What did you think? Sound off here!
'TVD' delivered a blast from the show's past (and not just 1994) in 'Black Hole Sun,' bringing back 'Uncle' Zach Salvatore and more.
It's brother vs. brother on 'Supernatural.' Will casual demon Dean or desperate hunter Sam be the victor?
This week on 'Gotham', Fish Mooney trains a mini-me, Maroni makes a power play, and the Penguin waddles his way closer to the top.
Learn some dating do's and don'ts inspired by Hook and Emma's first date.
There's just no such thing as taking a breather in the zombie Apocalypse, is there?
It's not a 'Vampire Diaries' party unless someone dies.
As the struggle for small town power continues, there really is only one question: "You wanna be on top?"
Dean has been evil before, but this is a new low — violence, threats, and hating the Impala? It doesn't get worse than that.
Hungry for a recap of last night's episode? We've got it in the form of ice cream flavors.
Burn. Feed. Wash. All hell breaks loose in Terminus.