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Not all things are fair in the TV world, especially when it comes to renewing shows. While it is hard to believe how certain subpar TV shows make the cut, other more-deserving shows are given the boot before they have a chance to really thrive. From sci-fi and fantasy adventures to thought-provoking teen dramedies, there have been plenty of small-screen gems that were unceremoniously cut after airing for a very short period of time.

Just like us, we are sure you have a long list of shows that you miss dearly. These TV darlings were not given a fair shot, so we have compiled a list of the ones that definitely deserve a second chance. Keep in mind that our list includes TV shows that were given only one or two seasons which makes their cancellations truly untimely! Keep reading to find out what cult darlings made it on our list of TV Shows That Should Be Brought Back From the Dead.