Takahiko Kozuka

Takahiko Kozuka
Takahiko Kozuka (born February 27, 1989) is an athlete from Japan. Takahiko Kozuka is competing for medals in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Olympic Figure Skating. Find more Takahiko Kozuka news, pictures, and information here.

Event Schedule:
February 14 7:45 AM Figure Skating - Pairs Short Program
February 15 8:45 AM Figure Skating - Pairs Free Skating
February 16 9:45 AM Figure Skating - Men Short Program
February 18 10:45 AM Figure Skating - Men Free Skating (Medal Event)
February 19 11:45 AM Figure Skating - Ice Dance - Compulsory Dance
February 21 12:45 PM Figure Skating - Ice Dance - Original Dance
February 22 1:45 PM Figure Skating - Ice Dance - Free Dance (Medal Event)
February 23 2:45 PM Figure Skating - Ladies Short Program
February 25 3:45 PM Figure Skating - Ladies Free Skating (Medal Event)
February 27 4:45 PM Figure Skating - Exhibition Gala

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