'Empire' Star Taraji P. Henson Laughed Until She Cried on 'Fallon'

Henson and Fallon really hit it off.


It's unlikely you've overheard a conversation about mediocre waxing appointments on the moon (let alone laid eyes on a bright yellow rotary phone) in the last year, but that's about to change.

On Wednesday's Tonight Show, Empire actress Taraji P. Henson and host Jimmy Fallon were in hysterics while playing "The Acting Game." By the end of the duo's multi-round improv, Henson's Cookie Lyon had not only put an interstellar salon out of business but delivered three babies and instigated a divorce.

All in a day's work, though.

Henson, 45, won 2016's Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Drama this January for her performance in Empire.


Rightly so. After all, Cookie gets what she deserves.

Taraji P. Henson Laughed Until She Cried on 'Fallon'

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