Jimmy Fallon Parodies 'Empire' with 'Jimpire'

This spoof will make you roll on the floor with laughter.

Jimmy Fallon Parodies 'Empire' with 'Jimpire'

Leave it to Jimmy Fallon to create one incredible parody after another on the ever so culturally relevant The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

On Tuesday night's episode, the talk show host and his trusty crew presented the ultimate Empire spoof with their own rendition called "Jimpire." Fallon's impression of Terrence Howard is dead-on as he melodramatically attempts to determine the fate of his late-night empire. Who will be Fallon's comedic heir? With special appearances from both Howard and Taraji P. Henson, the spoof becomes meta real fast.

“Well, with my finger being in the condition it is, who knows what could happen tomorrow,” Fallon states at the beginning of the video. “I could stub my toe. I could bite my tongue. I could burn the roof of my mouth on a hot microwave pizza.

“The point is I need to entrust my legacy to someone,” the funny host continues.

Unfortunately, he must choose from Questlove, the drummer of the late-night show's band The Roots, Tariq Trotter, who is also a member of The Roots, and Andre, Fallon's “business savvy-yet-moody show producer.” Then out of nowhere, Steve Higgins pops into the room as “Higgy,” and he's clearly channeling all the fierceness and charisma of Henson's character, Cookie Lyon. But Higgy is in over his head.

“Who you callin' bitch, bitch?” Henson enters the spoof with perfect comedic timing. “I should call you Lil' Debbie cuz you are one fake-ass Cookie.” She then struts over to Higgy and shows him who the real diva is. Nobody messes with the real Cookie, okay!

Despite these four comical and, quiet frankly, terrible options, Fallon has difficulty choosing one. Watch the clip below to find out who ends up being the heir of “Jimpire.”

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