Find Out the One Thing Taylor Lautner Won't Miss About 'Twilight'

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Taylor Lautner has had four awesome years as Jacob Black in the Twilight franchise, and in just a couple of weeks it'll all be over with the premiere of Breaking Dawn, Part 2. While the star is undoubtedly sad to see it go, there's one thing he's not going to miss a bit. Can you guess what that is?Here you have it: going shirtless. When asked what he won't miss at a press junket this week, the star told E! News: "Taking the shirt off, for sure. It's not fun."The topless scenes are probably...Read Full Story

Supernatural Showdown: Vote for Your Favorite Now!

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(Images via Warner Brothers, Summit Entertainment, The CW, Famous Studios)Vampires and wizards and werewolves, oh my!We asked you to pick your favorite supernatural characters from film and television, and you came out in droves to vote for the paranormals you hold near and dear. You've narrowed it down to your top vampire (Damon Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries), werewolf (Jacob Black, Twilight), wizard (Harry Potter, Harry Potter), and ghost (Casper the Friendly Ghost, Casper). But only one...Read Full Story

Poll of the Day: Which 'Twilight' Star Is Most Likely to Win an Oscar in Their Career?

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(Photos: Getty Images | Pacific Coast News | Bauer Griffin)The Twilight franchise isn't on anyone's Oscar radar, but that's not to say the stars of the film aren't capable of one day landing a role that leads to Academy Award glory. But which Twilight alum is best poised to take home the industry's most coveted prize?Despite the fact that NPR once compared his acting ability "a log of wood," Robert Pattinson has a decent shot given he's positioning himself alongside some of Hollywood's most...Read Full Story

Relationship Drama Means No Pattinson, Stewart, or Lautner at Upcoming 'Twilight' Conventions

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Instead of a rousing enthusiastic sendoff, the Twilight Saga is in danger of ending on a muted fizzle thanks to the real-life saga of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. When news broke last month that Stewart had cheated on Pattinson with her Snow White director, the logical question in Twilight fans' minds was, "How is this going to impact the run up to the release of Breaking Dawn 2?" The answer appears to be "not well."Franchise fans are known for being dedicated, involved, and highly...Read Full Story

Five Ridiculous Movies You Won't Believe Are Actually in the Works

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(Photos by Bauer Griffin, Getty Images)It looks like Hollywood has run out of original ideas, folks. The trend of simply co-opting another piece of pop culture and turning it into a feature film has been building for years, and the source material for these movies is getting more and more absurd. Sure, make a movie based on comic book superheroes. Go ahead, start production on another blockbuster based on a role-playing video game. But if we told you one studio has purchased the rights to a...Read Full Story

2012 People's Choice Awards Nominees Round-Up

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Photos by (L-R) Bauer Griffin, Pacific Coast News, Getty, Getty, Pacific Coast News, Pacific Coast News)The 38th People's Choice Awards are set to air on January 11th, but before they do, you'll need to get informed on all the nominees in all the categories that cross genres and media platforms. We pick apart the nominees from movies, television, and music to find out who will win, who should win, and who's the longshot that just might sneak up on people. Movies Can Bridesmaids top Harry...Read Full Story

Twilight's Hottest Werewolf, Taylor Lautner

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Less than two weeks left before the premiere of Twilight's Breaking Dawn.Werewolf Taylor Lautner has chimed in on all of the Breaking Dawn babble lately. He addressed his last scene in the flick and its impact on his character, Jacob Black.“It didn’t help that my very last scene was an emotional scene to begin with. It was this last dance between Jacob and Bella,” he said. “He’s sort of saying goodbye to her, and she’s saying goodbye to him. She’s going on her honeymoon, and he’s [realizing...Read Full Story

The 'Twilight' Stars Get Immortalized at Grauman's Chinese Theater (Watch Live)

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(photo by Getty Images) Twilight fever is ramping up with only two weeks before the first part of Breaking Dawn hits theaters stateside. The Twilight stars have already been over in Europe to promote the film, and now they're back in the States to do the same. Amidst the talk-show rounds, the Twilight franchise's big three are getting a spot on walkway outside the legendary Grauman's Chinese Theater. Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner will have their imprints...Read Full Story

Taylor Lautner Jets to Paris to Promote 'Abduction' (Photos)

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While Twilight co-star Jackson Rathbone jumped on Youtube to celebrate record-setting Facebook fandom, Taylor Lautner continues his run at international and action star with some European promotion for Abduction. Amidst social media campaigns to get the Hollywood hunk across the pond, Lautner landed in Paris for a photocall for his new film with Lily Collins. Launter didn't let his new leading man status go to his head, saying of the turnout and of his fan's dedication, "It's absolutely...Read Full Story

Taylor Lautner and 'Abduction' Co-star Lily Collins Split

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Getty ImagesTaylor Lautner and Lily Collins' movie Abduction came out today, and, interestingly enough, so did the news that they're broken up! A source reports the couple split about two weeks ago, making things really awkward between the co-stars at the flick's premiere and after party in LA last week. "At the Abduction party, it was awkward," the source said (via Us magazine). "They barely said a word to one another."The insider adds that it was a "clean break" and Lautner "initiated...Read Full Story