Taylor Lautner Biography Book

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Taylor Lautner may only be 19 years old, but fans are already eager to learn more about the former martial arts champion. Luckily, there are more than enough unofficial biographers eager to cash in on Lautner's rising star!At present, there are over a dozen unofficial Taylor Lautner biographies available on Amazon. But the most popular of Taylor Lautner-centric title seems to be fiction: Harlee Harte's I (Heart) Taylor Lautner.The look includes plenty of fun facts about Taylor, narrated by a...Read Full Story

Taylor Lautner Earned More Than Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in 2010

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It's official: Taylor Lautner is the most successful Twilight star of 2010! Vanity Fair magazine compiled a list of the year's Top 40 Hollywood earners, which revealed that the 18-year-old actor raked in an estimated $33.5 million for his various movie appearances throughout 2010, making him the ninth-highest earner in Hollywood.As well as pushing last year's number nine Robert Downey Jr. into tenth place, Taylor beat both co-stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson -- who received $28.5...Read Full Story

Lily Collins and Taylor Lautner's New Romance Going Strong

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Looks like this couple is getting serious.Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins -- whose father is "In The Air Tonight" singer Phil Collins -- have been dating for for several months. While the two are still in the early days of their relationship, pals expect their romance to progress when they begin promoting their new movie Abduction together.A source told gossip website PopEater: "They appear to be seeing each other, but it's too early to see what will happen because they are both young. They...Read Full Story

Report: Taylor Lautner Dating 'Abduction' Co-star Lily Collins

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Getty ImagesNew couple alert: Taylor Lautner is reportedly getting cozy with his abduction co-star Lily Collins! The two were spotted out at lunch Wednesday, reports E! Online, and prior to that they were spotted at the Pittsbugh Steelers and the Atlanta Falcons game in September. The timing of their debut as a "couple" Wednesday is generating tons of buzz because it happened to be the day his ex Taylor Swift performed her song "My December," a tune that's supposedly about the Tay-Squared...Read Full Story

Report: Taylor Lautner Has a New Lady Love

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New couple alert! Taylor Lautner is said to have been romancing 21-year-old actress Lily Collins for “almost four months” after meeting on the set of their forthcoming movie Abduction.Since finishing the movie, Taylor is now working in Louisiana on Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn and according to Us Weekly magazine, Lily “plans on hanging out there a lot.”The pair were first romantically linked in July, when it was reported the 18-year-old actor had seduced his co-star on the set of the film by...Read Full Story

Taylor Lautner Declines to Participate in Legally-Binding Push-Up Contest

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(Pacific Coast News)A Taylor Lautner push-up contest sounds like a completely awesome idea, but the headline-grabbing legal maneuvering won't work this time. On Monday afternoon Taylor's lawyers issued a statement declining an RV dealer's offer to settle a pending court case in a battle of brawn. PREVIOUSLY Taylor Lautner Suing Trailer Manufacturer for 'Emotional Distress' Taylor Lautner Is Getting Really Sick of Working Out Which Vampire Franchise Are You? Find Out with Our Vampire...Read Full Story

Taylor Lautner Almost as Sexy as Robert Pattinson

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It's tough being second. For some reason it's like being the first loser. But for Taylor Lautner, coming in second to Robert Pattinson should feel natural. If Lautner played the vampire and Pattinson was the dog, the results from's poll of the sexiest men of 2010 would be very different, for sure. And it doesn't hurt that Robert Pattinson also won this contest last year, too. Glamour’s Top 20 Sexiest Men of 2010 1. Robert Pattinson2. Taylor Lautner3. Ian Somerhalder4. Xavier...Read Full Story

Taylor Lautner Suing Trailer Manufacturer for 'Emotional Distress'

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When you promise to deliver an RV to Taylor Lautner, and then fail to do so by an agreed-upon date, that really hurts his feelings. So much so that he'll sue you.The Twilight star planned to buy a customised 2006 Country Coach Recreational Vehicle for $300,000 to use while filming new movie Abduction, but has launched legal action over his “annoyance” that the vehicle wasn’t delivered on time.The actor filed a lawsuit at Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday against McMahon’s RV after the...Read Full Story

Taylor Lautner Pictures and Bio

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Far from entering the "Twlight" of his career, Taylor Lautner's trip through Hollywood is just beginning!Lautner was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His mother worked for a software firm, while his father was a commerical airline pilot. As a child, Lautner was involved in karate.He first got his break into show business thanks to his karate coach, who played the Blue Power Ranger on the show Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. His first lead role came in the Robert Rodriguez film film, The...Read Full Story

Taylor Lautner Is Getting Really Sick of Working Out

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Ever since he started bulking up for his role in New Moon, Taylor Lautner has been answering questions about his now-famous diet and exercise routine. And according to reports, he's ready to start thinking about other stuff for a change. According to PopEater, sources say Lautner has had it with toning his abs. An insider revealed, "When all his friends are drinking beers and eating pizza, he is that annoying one that is always watching his figure."The amount of dedication that goes into...Read Full Story