Proof: Taylor Swift Knows How to Party

Taylor Swift seriously knows how to plan a beachy getaway weekend and her fun-filled July 4th is the latest evidence. She brought along all her friends for the festivities and luckily they documented every step for us (thanks social media). Want to party like Taylor Swift? Take notes.

Here's what went down: 

1. Plenty of selfies were taken 

In true Taylor fashion, many selfies were taken amongst the celeb friends. Just a small reminder that they're all best buddies who do normal things like pose for pics together. 

2. They showed off their patriotism

What's July 4th without some sparklers? Or American-themed desserts? Or just good ol' apple pie? 

3. They engaged in serious aquatic activities

Slip n' slides, swimming, and sailing— oh my. There was obviously no shortage of fun during Ms. Swift's weekend getaway. Also, can you spot Andrew Garfield on the boat, beard and all? 

4. They showed some serious East Coast appreciation

These guests weren't just distracted by all their crazy activities, they got to take in the beauty of the East Coast as well. Swift owns a home in Rhode Island, where the get-together took place. Everyone seemed as appreciative of the seascape and scenery as they were of the weekend itself. 

5. They're a family 
In attendance: Amanda Griffith, Jaime King, Taylor Swift, Ingrid Michaelson, Emma Stone, Lena Dunham, Jessica Szohr, Jess Stam, Odeya Rush, Unknown 
There's no denying it— these ladies love each other. So much so that almost every single one of them reposted this photo with the caption "family" or something along those lines. A vacation that creates bonds like that? Sign us up. 
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