#3: Steven Speilberg and Amy Irving: $100 million

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Length of Marriage: 4 years
Children: One
Filed for Divorce: 1989
Amount of Settlement: $100 million
Steven Speilberg and Amy Irving. The Skinny: When Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving met in 1976, they were both stars on the rise within Hollywood. Irving, a talented young actress, had gained rave reviews for her costar turn in the high school horror movie Carrie. Meanwhile, Spielberg had just directed the massive blockbuster Jaws. They were on-again, off-again for many years after that, ultimately marrying in 1984 with the marriage dissolving in 1989 after Spielberg began dating Indiana Jones star Kate Capshaw. Irving was awarded a reported $100 million dollars, half of Spielberg's fortune, after a judge invalidated a prenuptial agreement that had been written on a cocktail napkin. Speaking after the divorce, Irving said, "During my marriage to Steven, I felt like a politician's wife. There were certain things expected of me that definitely weren't me."
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