#6: Madonna and Guy Ritchie: $76 million to $92 million

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Length of Marriage:
8 years
Children: Two
Filed for Divorce: October 15, 2008
Amount of Settlement: $75 million
The couple's country estate in Ashcombe, England, which eventually was awarded to Ritchie. The Skinny: Madonna has the dubious privilege of being the only woman on the list to have paid out a divorce settlement, instead of getting paid. The diva married British film director Guy Ritchie in 2000, but the marriage seemed to fizzle after eight years, one biological and one adopted child, and lots and lots of Kabbalah. Ritchie, who was worth an estimated $45 million before marrying Madonna, at first said he wanted no part of his ex-wife's fortune, but as the divorce proceeding went on and incidents such as Madonna calling Ritchie an "emotional retard" played out, he apparently changed his mind. A judge awarded Ritchie an amount that remained undisclosed, with Madonna's spokeswoman placing the sum at $75 million, including a English country estate and a pub, The Punchbowl, the couple had owned in London.
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