#8: Michael Dougles and Diandra Luker: $45 million

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Length of Marriage: 23 years
Children: One
Filed for Divorce: 2000
Amount of Settlement: $45 million
Michael Dougles and Diandra Luker. The Skinny: When Michael Douglas and Diandra Luker met and married in 1977, he was the son of a famous actor with a few TV credits to his name, but still years away from becoming an A-list movie star with hits such as Romancing the Stone and Fatal Attraction. The couple weathered several storms, including a serious skiing accident that hospitalized Douglas in 1980, and his treatment for alcohol abuse in 1992. However, in 2000 the couple filed for divorce, amid rumors that Douglas had begun seeing the actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. (Douglas reportedly told Zeta-Jones when he met her, "I'd like to father your children.") Luker was awarded $45 million dollars in the divorce. In an interview with Cigar Aficionado shortly after the divorce, Douglas mused,"I got acknowledgment and approval from working. And in relationships you don't get a medal for being a good partner each week."
With All That Money You Could Buy:
272,727 pairs of the Albert Thurston suspenders favored by Gordon Gekko

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