The 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces

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A diamond may be forever, but marriage? Not so much. And if you're a megastar pulling down some serious dollars, divorce can be expensive. Without a prenuptial, a divorcing spouse can be entitled to up to half of all assets, and even with a prenuptial, there's nothing guaranteed.

Harrison Ford not only gave up $85 million in his personal fortune, but agreed to split his future earnings with his ex-wife. Steven Spielberg had a prenuptial worked up, but it was written on a legally nonbinding cocktail napkin. The cost of that mistake? $100 million. And James Cameron may have made $100 million for directing Titanic, but he lost $50 million to ex-wife Linda Hamilton.

We looked back through the history of Hollywood heartbreak to find you the ten most costliest, dollar-draining, lawyer-enriching divorces on the books. Added bonus: we tell you just what one could buy with all that cheddar.

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