The 50 Most Infamous Female Teacher Sex Scandals

Beginning with the infamous Mary Kay Letourneau case in 1995, Americans have been fascinated with female teachers who cross the line and have sexual relationships with their students.

According to an AP study, between 2001 and 2005, 2,570 educators had their teaching credentials revoked, denied, surrendered or sanctioned following allegations of sexual misconduct. While only ten percent of those teachers were women, female teachers who have slept with their students receive the lion's share of media attention.

We decided to see just how much attention has been paid. Looking at search trends, news reports, and blogosphere chatter, we determined the fifty most infamous female teacher sex scandals. We've compiled the list below, hoping to shed light on a growing concern within our education system.

Full list is below:

  1. Mary Kay Letourneau
  2. Debra LaFave
  3. Abbie Jane Swogger
  4. Pamela Rogers Turner
  5. Pamela Smart
  6. Nicole Long
  7. Stephanie Ragusa
  8. Lisa Lavoie
  9. Alison Peck
  10. Shannon Best
  11. Jill Lewis
  12. Amy McElhenney
  13. Carrie McCandless
  14. Traci Tapp
  15. Beth Geisel
  16. Jennifer Mally
  17. Natasha Sizow
  18. Autumn Leathers
  19. Elizabeth Stow
  20. Cris Morris
  21. Carmina Lopez
  22. Margaret De Barraicua
  23. Lisa Robyn Marinelli
  24. Samantha Solomon
  25. Jennifer Lea Burton
  26. Sarah Tolzien
  27. Hope Jacoby
  28. Cameo Patch
  29. Angela Comer
  30. Cara Dickey
  31. Rebekah Todd
  32. Rebecca Bogard
  33. Sandra Binkley
  34. Janelle Batkins
  35. Lindsay Massaro
  36. Christine Brown Jouini
  37. Teresa Engelbach
  38. Carrie O'Connor
  39. Christine Spaich
  40. Deanna Bobo
  41. Rachel Burkhart
  42. Gwen Cardozo
  43. Katherine J. Harder
  44. Rhianna Ellis
  45. Loni Folks
  46. Stephanie Ann Stein
  47. Sheral Smith
  48. Melinda Deluca
  49. Kenzi Friday
  50. Kesha D. Manuel
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