#16: Jennifer Mally

 #16: Jennifer Mally
Name: Jennifer Mally
School: Paradise Valley High School
City: Phoenix, AZ
Age of Teacher:
Age of Student: 16
Rank: 16

Three counts of sexual conduct with a minor

Jennifer Mally was a 26-year-old
English teacher and cheerleading coach at Paradise Valley High School in Phoenix, AZ. In May of 2007, she was arrested on charges of having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old male student. Mally denied the charges, pleaded not guilty, and hired a former U.S. Attorney to serve as her defense lawyer. In June of 2007, the Phoenix Police Department released secret tapes of Mally talking to the boy on the phone, recorded with the victim's permission. On the tape, Mally can be heard telling the boy, "You’re 16, [student's name]. If they find out, I’m going to f-cking jail." Police also released video from the interrogation room, during which she repeatedly denied all charges to police investigators. After investigators left the room, she called her husband and said "I know what I’m doing. I watch CSI." In May of 2008, after several delays in the trial, Mally pleaded guilty to three counts of sexual conduct with a minor. During the sentencing hearing, a clinical psychologist who had interviewed Mally after her arrest said, "Her actions were not predatory in nature. She did not seek out the boy for sex. She had a low self-esteem, and needed constant reassurance. In her capacity as the cheer coach, she was 'one of the girls.' She was incapable of internalizing her authority role and ill-equipped to manage the demands of her profession." Mally was sentenced in May of 2008 to six months in prison.

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