#39: Christine Spaich

#39: Christine Spaich
Name: Christine Spaich
School: Silverado Middle School
City: Roseville, CA
Age of Teacher:
Age of Student: 16
Rank: 39

Two felony counts of unlawful intercourse with a minor and one count of contributing to the
delinquency of a minor

Christine Spaich was a volleyball teacher at Silverado Middle School. She was arrested in April of 2007 after an unidentified third party accused Spaich of six-month affair with a 16-year-old former student. Spaich eventually pleaded no contest to felony unlawful sexual intercourse and to misdemeanor contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and recieved four years felony probation. Shortly after her sentenced was announced, her husband Jon Spaich stepped forward and revealed he was the one who first reported the affair to the police, telling a local news station, "By her having some type of probation and not getting any time, she doesn't quite know what she's actually done. To me she's a typical manipulator, a predator [...] Our child was four months old and that's something I have a hard time believing and coming to grips with."

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