#31: Rebekah Todd

 #31: Rebekah Todd
Name: Rebekah Todd
School: White River High School
City: Buckley, WA
Age of Teacher:
Age of Student: 17
Rank: 31

Felony attempted second-degree sexual assault

Rebekah Todd was a 25-year-old physical education teacher at White River High School
in Buckley, WA. She was arrested in March of 2007 for having performed oral sex on a 17-year-old football player at her school. Todd, according to news reports, was considered "cool and hip by students." She had already been in trouble for allegedly drinking with students at a graduation party, and for showing a striptease video to female students as a reward for doing well in her class. Todd worked out a plea bargain in March of 2007, pleading guilty to attempted second-degree sexual assault with the expectation of receiving 30 days home detention. However, the judge decided to ignore the recommendations in the the plea bargain and sentenced Todd to six months in jail. In May of 2007, she asked to be released from jail, saying she was pregnant with her husband's child. Speaking to the court, Todd said, "I realize now that my situation was different, and by not creating firmer boundaries with my students, they viewed me as something other than just their teacher." The judge denied the request.

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