#19: Elizabeth Stow

 #19: Elizabeth Stow
Name: Elizabeth Stow
School: Tulare Western High School
City: Tulare, CA
Age of Teacher:
Age of Student: All three students were 17
Rank: 19

12 counts of sexual
intercourse with a minor,
oral copulation with a minor

Elizabeth Stow was a 26-year-old first-year English teacher at Tulare Western High School in Tulare, CA. She was arrested in April of 2005, after school officials began investigating rumors that an improper relationship between Stow and some male students. Speaking to a local news station, one student said, "We talked about it -- like it was no secret. It was just a matter of time until she got caught." Prosecutors alleged that Stow had sex with three male students, all 17. After initially pleading not guilty to charges of unlawful sexual intercourse and oral copulation with a minor, Stow pleaded no contest to all charges in June of 2005. In November of 2005, she was given a suspended sentence of nine years, and was required to serve one year in a county jail. Prosecuting attorneys, however, publicly worried that Stow was receiving too light a sentence due to her gender. "I think there's a certain leniency when a suspect is female versus male. The law doesn't see any difference," said Deputy District Attorney Sara Bratsch.

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