#7: Stephanie Ragusa

 #7: Stephanie Ragusa
Name: Stephanie Ragusa
School: Davidsen Middle School
City: Tampa, FL
Age of Teacher:
Age of Students: 14 and 16
Rank: 7

Felony sex with a minor and lewd and lascivious battery

Stephanie Ragusa was a math teacher at Davidsen Middle School in Tampa, FL. In between
March and April of 2008, she was arrested three separate times for having sex with two different underage male students, one 16 and the other 14. The third time, Ragusa was arrested as she was leaving the teenager's house and returning to her boyfriend's truck. She became an item in the national press when it was noted that in all three of her mugshots, she offers the same smile. During the investigation, police said they were able to confirm one boy's testimony due to distinctive tattoos around Ragusa's "groin area." Photographs of these tattoos were later released to the press. She was in the national press yet again in June of 2008, after it was discovered that she had written a sympathetic letter to 17-year-old Nick Hogan, son of the wrestler Hulk Hogan, while he was in jail. Text messages from Ragusa to one of the teens were released in August of 2008, including one that read simply, "I loved today. The sex was amazing." The boy replied, "YES I KNOW!" Stephanie Ragusa eventually entered a guilty plea as part of a plea deal. On June 28, 2010, she was sentenced to 10 years in prison with five years of sexual offender probation.

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