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As part of its mission to become the world's top streaming service, Netflix continues to pour billions of dollars into original programming. While this results in a lot of fresh content we can enjoy, sometimes other binge-worthy titles are pushed aside.

This is where Netflix hidden codes come in. They're subcategories that span far beyond the shows and movies Netflix encourages us to watch, and not all of them are searchable. See, the categories displayed on the site are broad and only point you to genres like action, comedy or romance. And well, that's not exactly helpful if you’re looking to watch something more specific, like a horror flick that features vampires and werewolves or a drama that highlights a social issue.

The secret codes give you access to distinct micro-categories which then help you decide on what to watch. For example, there’s a category for "Wine & Beverage Appreciation," which offers films that revolve around alcohol. There’s also a "Visually-Striking Sci-Fi & Fantasy" subcategory, which leads you to titles like Black Panther and The Cloverfield Paradox.

There are thousands of ultra specific categories on Netflix’s database at the moment, and it would be impossible for a casual viewer to discover all of them. To save you the trouble, we combed through the master list of these hidden codes to serve you a list of films you might not even know are available.

Happy binge watching!