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The Craziest TV Fan Theories That Will Make You Question Everything

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9. 'Gilligan's Island' was a representation of the Seven Deadly Sins
According to TV conspiracy theorists, Gilligan's Island was a reincarnation of hell, and its seven inhabitants represented the seven deadly sins. All of them perished in the crash of the S.S. Minnow and went straight to hell. Millionaire Mr. Howell represented greed, while his Mrs. Howell represented sloth since she was essentially averse to anything that involved work. Ginger, the beautiful and vain movie star, was an example of lust, while the ingenue farm girl Mary Ann symbolized envy. The know-it-all Professor represented pride, and Skipper embodied both gluttony and wrath because he was always lashing out against Gilligan. Of course, Gilligan himself loved to wear red and was persistently screwing up any rescue plan for the group; therefore, preventing them from leaving. Yeah, that means that Gilligan was Satan.