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The reveal of A.D. or Uber A marked the end of something big in Rosewood, yet the Pretty Little Liars series finale left us feeling a whirlwind of good and bad emotions. For those of us who picked up on the not so subtle hints the show had been dropping, many of the twisted revelations felt pretty subpar. On the other hand, watching the five Liars crying buckets while bidding each other farewell sparked many uncontrollable *feels* from us.

Like a truly great Drake song, the PLL series finale provided an ample range of highs and lows, forcing us to feel things we didn’t even know we were capable of feeling. Whether you were into how things ended in Rosewood or not, you can’t deny the sheer pervasiveness of the show since it first aired. Bidding adieu to Rosewood & Co. was not easy, which is why we’ve documented all the emotional stages of watching the PLL series finale. Keep reading to find out what they are.