Artwork by Rafael Hidalgo for Zimbio
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Biographical pictures are as old as the movies themselves. From the beginning, we wanted to tell the true stories of our heroes. In America, that sentiment was perhaps more prevalent than anywhere else. War heroes were the most popular biopic subjects, but great Americans like Mark Twain and Abraham Lincoln had several movies made about their lives as well. As more movies were made over the years, more biopics were as well. In 2017, there were biopics made about Tonya Harding and Tommy Wiseau, and they were great.

Biopics don't have to be about great people to be great. Like any other movies, they just need to tell a story we can invest in. That was our main criteria for picking the greatest biopics about Americans. We were also looking for movies centered chiefly around one person. Accuracy was important, but not a deal breaker. Movies had to be about real-life American citizens. However, the movie could be made by anyone and set anywhere. There are thousands of American biopics. Look at the Wikipedia page alone. But these are the greatest.