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Ah, the femme fatale, one of the greatest literary-turned-film archetypes still being used today. In Greek Myths, there were sirens enticing sailors into shipwrecks, and today there are aliens in lady suits seducing men so they can be processed into food. Things don't change that much.

Femme fatales are most famous for being integral to film noir, a specific genre of the '40s and later defined by dark, complicated mysteries, German expressionism, and seductive women with ulterior motives. Femme fatales can exist outside of noir, of course, but the truest examples are found there. 

Film noirs made today are called neo-noirs. They borrow from the original genre but are updated for today. That's where many of our modern femme fatales exist. We're interested in any female movie character who charms a male character and leads him (consciously or not) into peril. There are many examples over the past 20 years.These are our favorites...