Site Spotlight: Fitnet

This innovative exercise app uses your selfie cam to evaluate how accurately you follow workout videos.

Site Spotlight: Fitnet
Art by Tanya Leigh Washington

The days after January 1st always welcome a league of new gym-goers ready to fulfill fitness resolutions. As the months pass, however, people often fall out of the exercise routine. Number one culprit? Being "too busy." Fitnet, a new mobile app that streams workout videos, asks that you only commit to five minutes of exercise a day. The goal is to make movement a part of your daily routine—starting with a manageable time helps you build a healthy habit.

Fitnet's videos go beyond the average follow-along method. The app uses the front-facing camera on your mobile device to evaluate biometrics—how accurately you are following an instructor's movements (much like a Wii game console would). In addition to feedback, you can get paired with a trainer who will develop a weekly exercise plan for you and communicate via personal messaging. It's impossible to get off track when the app has taken the hassle out of planning your exercise.

You can combine different exercise methods and fitness levels to your liking—some examples are tabata interval workouts, yoga and body weight exercises that require no equipment. The app is ideal for traveling as well, since you can replay videos even without WiFi once they have been loaded.

Start your 2015 fitness journey by downloading Fitnet here.

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