Site Spotlight: Twice

Site Spotlight: Twice (Source: Twice)

You know the saying: one man's trash is another man's treasure. It's the very principle that makes consignment, vintage and thrift shops so essential to building a stylish wardrobe. Getting rid of your own old clothes, however, can get pretty frustrating when you don't know where to start. Twice, a site for buying and selling lightly used clothing, takes secondhand shopping to another level. 

Twice's process is easy to follow: gather all of the clothes you don't want, send them in a pre-paid bag (holds 20 to 30 items) or print a pre-paid label, then wait two days after your clothes arrive for a lump-sum offer you can accept via PayPal, check, or store credit. If your items don't work, they're either donated or can be shipped back to you for $5. The shop takes a wide variety of classic brands already in your closet such as J.Crew, Zara and DKNY, but you can easily double check to see if a label will work or not by plugging it in on the site.

The shopping experience on Twice is prime. Every item that comes in gets steamed and styled on a mannequin for easy searching. You can also search by color or brand and find hundreds of majorly discounted threads in every size—even petite. Get a taste with our picks below and be sure to check out the video for an easy to follow overview.

Site Spotlight: Twice (Source: Twice)Theory NWT Burgundy Collared Top, $55; J.Crew Gold Sequined Mini Skirt, $27; Twelfth St By Cynthia Vincent Purple Silk Print Dress, $103


Site Spotlight: Twice (Source: Twice)

Willow & Clay Pink Tweed Blazer, $26; J.Crew Pink Print Silk Skirt, $40; Splendid Blue Solid Vest, $32

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