Site Spotlight: Rise

Site Spotlight: Rise(Source: Rise)

Diets may reap endless health benefits, but the process can be frustrating. When you're on your own following guidelines from a book, blog or app, it is far too easy to fall off track. After a week or two of being diligent about your diet, you may drop it and feel frustrated—it's a common, vicious cycle. Often, what is missing in a diet plan is the one thing that determines its success: accountability. Rise, an iOS app that pairs you with an expert nutritionist, offers that and more to get you on track with your health goals. 

Rise is refreshingly easy to navigate. You answer 15 questions about your health habits, ranging from how often you drink sugary drinks to whether or not you do home cooking, and immediately get paired with five experts who match your goals. All of the experts are registered dietitians and detail their coaching style from "encouraging" to "tough love" so you get a truly individualized experience. After that, all you have to do is take photos and document each meal and snack, and await feedback from your nutritionist. 

Site Spotlight: Rise(Source: Rise)

What is so fantastic about Rise is how personalized the service is. Unlike other diet apps that are basically a system of algorithms, this app has a real person communicating with you. They don't follow strict rules, but rather create a plan that fits your lifestyle. Within 24 hours, the nutritionists comment on portion sizes, what you should order at upcoming restaurant stops, ways to improve meal balance and even what you should be shopping for at the grocery. You get an experience that is not about short term results, but developing healthy habits gradually.

You can pay either $15 a week or $48 a month, which is far less than what you'd pay for one-on-one service from a nutritionist. Whether your goal is to lose weight or transition to eating less red meat, we promise Rise is well worth the price. 

Sign up for the app here to get a download link. Plus, as a bonus our readers can score 20 percent off the first payment by using the code "RISESB2".

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