Site Spotlight: Think Dirty

Site Spotlight: Think Dirty(Source: Think Dirty)

Most people never think twice about the cosmetics they use daily and their longterm effects, but their tunes just might change after downloading the free mobile app Think Dirty, which allows you to scan beauty products for toxicity. After giving it a spin, we've done a complete 360 in our makeup routines, replacing name-brand foundations, blushes and eye makeup with under-the-radar, totally green alternatives. 

Site Spotlight: Think Dirty(Source: Think Dirty)

It takes a minute to register for Think Dirty, which boasts a database of 2,000 brands and 80,000 products ready to be analyzed. You can either scan barcodes or search the name of products, which get a rating from 1 to 10—10 being the "dirtiest," or those filled with harmful ingredients for your body and the environment.

The extremely easy to use interface allows you to see a list of ingredients that look like a bunch of gibberish to the untrained shopper, but health impacts are explained in simpler terms. For example, an old face powder we scanned had propylparaben, which Think Dirty identified as a fragrance ingredient and allergen that disrupts the endocrine system, according to regulatory agencies and scientific sources. That was just one item. Yikes.

Site Spotlight: Think Dirty(Source: Think Dirty)

Aside from appalling you with the chemicals present in your beauty routine, Think Dirty also offers green alternatives for the kind of product you searched, be it face wash or foot scrub. Each product also comes with advice and badges signifying if something is certified vegan, organic, fair-trade, cruelty-free and more.

While some may think this tool is alarmist, it's better to be safe than sorry. Download the app here, give it a go and chances are you'll transform into a green beauty maven slathering on lipstick free of BHT, polyethylene and fragrances yourself. 

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