Site Spotlight: Makeup Genius

Site Spotlight: Makeup Genius (Source: L’Oréal Paris) Who hasn’t bought the seemingly perfect shade of lipstick only to realize that it’s not exactly what you expected once you try it on at home? Anyone who has tried to buy makeup at the drugstore knows that making a purchase can be really tricky when you can’t test it out. A brand new app by L’Oréal Paris is putting an end to that conundrum. Makeup Genius is the closest you can get to applying makeup without actually putting it on. In fact, the first-of-its-kind app lets you play with colors in real time.

Site Spotlight: Makeup Genius (Source: L’Oréal Paris) While other beauty apps let you test makeup on an uploaded static image, Makeup Genius uses advanced facial mapping technology—borrowed from Hollywood and the gaming industry—that turns your iPhone or iPad’s camera into a virtual mirror so that it moves with your face and changes with the lighting.

Up to 100 facial expressions are detected, making it appear as if you actually applied the makeup. And Makeup Genius isn’t just for testing products: you can also try new looks, follow tutorials and post on social media to get input from friends.

The iPhone and iPad app is available now for free in app stores, while the Android version will be available by the end of 2014.