Suzanne Saperstein -- Mariah Carey buys $125 mansion

The mansion Fluer de Lys.
Suzanne Saperstein was named by Vanity Fair as the world's biggest consumer of haute couture and 18th century furniture.

Now she's selling her $125 million dollar mansion, Fleur de Lys, to Mariah Carey.

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Does anyone remember Suzanne Saperstein? In 2002 Vanity Fair named her as the world’s biggest consumer of haute couture and 18th century furniture. She had Fleur de Lys built near Beverly Hills as a near replica of the Château de Versailles, even going so far as to have an exact replica of Marie Antoinette’s bed created for herself. She also purchased Karl Lagerfeld’s entire collection of Louis XV furniture to help fill the massive house.

Since her divorce from media billionaire David Saperstein in 2006 (which was purported to be the most expensive divorce in history), she has had Fleur de Lys on the market, listed at $125 million (also, purported to be the most expensive estate in history). She may have finally found a buyer in Mariah Carey, as it was reported that Carey and husband Nick Cannon have made an offer of an undisclosed amount for the mansion.

Fleur de Lys features leather covered walls, gilded crown moldings, frescoes on the bathroom ceilings, two kitchens, a dining room to seat over 100 guests, and a 50 person screening room. This, all built by a woman once quoted to say “We are just simple country folk trying to keep bread on the table.”

Turns out Mariah really warmed to the place because “there’s so little that needs doing to it,” a source close to her reported. I can’t imagine that there is much more that one could do anyways. Well Mariah and Nick, have fun living it up!

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