Jeffrey Detlefs, Colorado Driver, Accused of Hitting and Dragging Cyclist, Abusing His Children

A scene from the accident that police say was caused by Jeremy Detlefs. (
A 57-year-old Colorado man is facing charges of not only hitting and dragging a cyclist, and abusing his children. According to authorities, Jeffrey Detlefs collided 52-year-old cyclist Rex Hegyi while driving on the on-ramp to Interstate 70.

Witnesses say after striking Hegyi, Detlefs stopped his Lexus SUV, looped back as if to take a second look at the fallen cyclist, and then drove off.

However, Detlefs' license plate had fallen off at the scene of the accident. Police apprehended Detlefs a short time later. He was also charged with child abuse, after it was found three children were in the car with him. Police are also charging him with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and failing to remain at the scene of an accident.
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