'The Voice' Top 10: Who Has the Best Chances for the Big Win?

(NBC)The performances on the fourth season of The Voice remained strong on Monday night, as the final 10 contestants competed to determine who'd stick around for yet another week on the beloved NBC show. Unlike other recent reality television competitions, there are no obvious weak links on The Voice this time around — just a handful of consistently impressive artists and a few diamonds in the rough.

Still, two performers will be sent home during Tuesday night's episode. At this point in the competition, all the decisions are being made by the viewers — so who stands the best chances of going the distance?

Here, check out the top contenders, ranked in order of strength.

1. Danielle Bradbery
At 16 years old, Danielle Bradbery is this season's youngest competitor — and maybe the most laid-back. The Texas native hits every high note like it's no big deal, which is doubly impressive considering she never had formal vocal training before the show. Bradbery's rendition of "Heads Carolina, Tails California" on Monday's episode proved wildly popular with viewers, cracking the top 10 on iTunes.

2. Michelle Chamuel
The heart of this season lies with Michelle Chamuel, who had one of the most stirring performances in the show's memory with her cover of "True Colors" a few weeks ago. Everyone has impressive pipes this season, but Chamuel is far and away the most charismatic on stage — a real rock star. It wasn't too surprising to hear Pharrell say he thought she'd be a lasting force in the music world on Monday night's episode.

3. Sarah Simmons
Sarah Simmons has made an art out of haunting, goosebump-inducing performances, but on Monday night's episode she finally proved that she knows how to have fun, too. The Alabama native is blessed with one of the most unique voices this season, with a rasp that will help to set her apart from the rest of the belt-it-out divas.

4. The Swon Brothers
The Voice isn't an easy scene for duos, but Oklahoma natives the Swon Brothers have struck a chord with American viewers. Behold, the power of teamwork! The pair's cover of George Jones' "Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes?" was last week's big winner on iTunes, and they continue to build a following with their down-to-earth, approachable personas.

5. Sasha Allen
New York native Sasha Allen was near the bottom of the pack in last week's eliminations, but that doesn't mean she won't win. The former Broadway star is more than capable of pulling off just about any song — which is why it's crucial that her coach Shakira selects songs that resonate with today's audience more than, say, Heart's "Alone." Allen's version of Emeli Sandé's "Next to Me" was one of the bright spots on Monday night.

6. Amber Carrington
Texas teen Amber Carrington certainly has the pipes to pull off a big win, but so does every other woman on the show. With the right song choices she could go all the way (Rihanna's "Stay" was an excellent move a few weeks back), but she needs to really strike a chord with viewers in order for that to happen.

7. Judith Hill
If the winner of The Voice were determined by the blind auditions alone, then Judith Hill would probably have already won. But while the woman reeks of talent, pulling off pitch-perfect performances week after week, she's such a professional that it's a little hard to root for her. America loves an underdog, and Judith Hill is not an underdog.

8. Holly Tucker
Holly Tucker has a big, beautiful voice, but doesn't seem to have the confidence that should come with it. The Baylor student delivers week after week, but she seems a little too shy to stand out in the wild world of reality television.

9. Kris Thomas
Kris Thomas is yet another contestant whose limitation is not his voice, but his personality. He seems like a very pleasant, professional guy, but he has trouble breaking loose — giving his performances a bit of a technical quality.

10. Josiah Hawley
Josiah Hawley is very, very hot. This is obvious. But while his performances have improved quite a bit since the blind audition days, his singing is simply not at the caliber of most of the other entertainers'. He looks like a rock star, and he could probably be a rock star, but if he were to actually win this season of The Voice, it'd be ridiculously unfair.

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