Remember When Paris Hilton and Nick Carter Were the Hottest Blond Couple in Hollywood?

Getty ImagesLet's face it, Paris Hilton has had a LOT of blond boyfriends in the 10 years since she and Backstreet Boy Nick Carter ruled the red carpet. The heiress has dated tennis pros, shipping heirs, DJs, reality stars, soccer legends, and possibly even the director of The Hangover. But none of these relationships have compared to the awesome love she shared with the BSB-er.

Let's relive the magic with a trip back to 2004:

The Beginning: A decade ago, Paris Hilton was a NYC nightclub staple and had just landed her very own, very ridiculous reality show The Simple Life. And apparently she had her sights on boy bander Nick Carter. He said in an interview: "We met through her bodyguard, who was a friend of mine. He called me up and was like, 'Hey, she wants to meet you.'" At this point, BSB was going through a rough patch and Carter was trying to launch a solo career. It didn't go so well. But who cares?! He was on the arm of Paris Hilton.

Time Together: These two brought out the best in each other on the red carpet.
MTV Movie Awards 2004(L-R) Singer Nick Carter and model Paris Hilton attend a party following Stuff Magazine's debut of 'The Bathroom Tapes' at the production of 'Pieces (Of Ass)' on January 15, 2004 in Hollywood, California.Celebs leaving the Hyatt Hotel&squot;s "Tramonto" restaurant and bar on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood, CA.Pic shows: Paris Hilton and boyfriend Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys).Guests at the Spider club in Hollywood, CA.Pic shows: Nick Carter & Paris Hilton.
The End: Things turned ugly when they broke up in 2004. He supposedly cheated with Ashlee Simpson and there were rumors that she was unfaithful too — with Chad Michael Murray. Here's what Carter said at the time: "Our relationship totally was based on distrust. She didn't trust me. I didn't trust her." 

He said about the day they broke up: "We both got on the phone, had a discussion and agreed we couldn't do this anymore." 

In a statement from Hilton's rep at the time, it sounded like Hilton called off the relationship, but Carter says it was "mutual."

Chance of Reconciliation? None.

Nearly a decade after the breakup, Carter slammed his ex in his book Facing the Music and Living to Talk About It, effectively ruining any chance of getting back together. He blamed his substance abuse issues on her partying, for starters. "Paris was the worst person in the world for me to hook up with. [She] fed my worst impulses as far as partying," he wrote.

She fought back in an interview shortly after the book was released: "I don’t believe I was a negative influence on Nick, we dated for a very short period of time almost 10 years ago and when we met he was already a successful pop star, I’m pretty sure that was the only thing influencing him at the time. I’m glad he got help for his problems and wish him all the best," she told Access Hollywood.

Besides, she's now smitten with an Italian model named River, and he even wears matching swimwear with her. How could you possibly ask for more?
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