Tiger Woods Apology Video Soars on YouTube

Tiger Woods Video
What Can Tiger Do to Repair His Image? What's Next for Tiger Woods? A Georgetown University professor talks about what Tiger Woods needs to do to repair his public image after his apology. 
Tiger Woods is one of the most popular searches on YouTube.com today. The folks over at YouTube should send Tiger Woods a thank you card.  He's single-handedly driving a huge spike in activity on the popular video sharing service.  Everyone who missed this morning's 'apology video' is now searching the web for the highlight reel (see below). 

Tiger Woods' apology video and press statements are dominatingvthe pop culture news cycle.  Tiger apologized for cheating on his wife and told fans that he's making amends and plans to return to golf, eventually.  He also asked the press to leave his wife and child alone.

In the apology video, Tiger Woods aknowledges the fans and children he has disappointed. "I have disappointed all of you and made you question who I am and how I could have done the things I did."  He looked serious and somber.

The Tiger Woods apology video lasts for 14 minutes.  It was produced by CNN.  The complete statement is available on YouTube.

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