Tiger Woods Divorce

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Tiger Woods divorce rumors circulated again tonight after reports surfaced that the golf great and his wife Elin Nordegren don't have much of a chance at reconciliation. Elin wasn't on the green alongside her husband at the Masters last week, and it looks like she's totally done with their relationship. According to an Entertainment Tonight report, "For weeks now there have been rumors that Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren might reconcile and save their marriage. It was believed by going...Read Full Story

Bootyism Banner at Masters

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A plane carrying a sign that read "Tiger: Did You Mean Bootyism?" flew over Tiger Woods while he played on the green at the Masters Tournament today in Augusta, Georgia. Though the reception was warm from fans on the course, it looks like some people weren't so quick to forget the affair scandal that unfolded in late November of last year -- and just won't quit. The sign is a reference to Tiger's repeated talk about his Buddhist faith during recent interviews. Another banner also flew by...Read Full Story

Amen Corner Pictures and History

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In this picture of Tom Watson preparing to tee off on the 13th hole Thursday, you can see the Hogan Bridge that crosses Rae's Creek. The Hogan Bridge is a well-known landmark of the Amen Corner. (Getty Images)more pics »If you're hoping to conquer the course at Augusta, you're going to have to deal with the Amen Corner. So named by Herbert Warren Wind, after the Mezz Mezzrow jazz record, "Shouting in that Amen Corner." The Amen Corner is the second shot on the 11th hole, the entire course...Read Full Story

Tiger: Did You Mean Bootyism? - At Masters Golf Tournament

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Tiger Woods made his return to professional golf Thursday after leaving the sport following the sex scandal that turned his life upside down in November. While most fans cheered for the golfer as he took to the Masters course in Augusta, Georgia, there were still signs of his scandal-plagued personal life. Case in point? As Tiger took to the course to tee off in the first round of the tournament Thursday, a plane could be seen overhead with a banner trailing behind it that read: "TIGER...Read Full Story

Tiger Woods Masters 2010: Opening Drives

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Tiger Woods hit the green at the Masters Tournament today and took his first tournament swing of this year. He scored a par 4 on his opening drive, and was spotted smiling and walked out to big rounds of applause on the course, according to ESPN. Early speculation was that the first drive was about 300 yards, or close to it, at least. He actually hit a sprinkler head on the first hole, and took a drop. He was looking good for a birdie but he missed the low side and tapped the ball in for...Read Full Story

Tiger Woods Commercial: Nike Video

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Tiger Woods is featured in a new Nike commercial, and it's a little bit of an odd one: It features the golf great in black-and-white, and has the eerie voice of his later father Earl narrating. For most of the 30-second commercial, Tiger just stares stoically at the camera, occasionally he blinks. Nike is one of the few sponsors who stuck by him during his affair scandal, and it would appear they're now addressing the "responsibility issues." The voiceover says: "Tiger, I am more prone...Read Full Story

Tiger Woods Rehab

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Tiger Woods addressed his time in rehab during his press conference today in Georgia in preparation for the Masters Tournament. He said he's a "much better" person since getting help in January, and is excited to get back into the game. He said he missed his son Charlie's first birthday while in rehab, and will forever regret having to do that. But, now he's come out a better person. He said during the conference: "I was in there for 45 days, and it was to take a hard look at myself...Read Full Story

Tiger Woods Heckling

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Tiger Woods is finally returning to the world of professional golf.  He'll play The Masters this week.  For the first time since the final round of the 2009 Australian Masters in November, Tiger Woods will play in front of a live audience.  How will that audience now respond to Woods, after months of scandal and bad press?Woods is hoping that of all professional events, The Masters is the least likely to provoke heckling.  The tournaments' founder, Bob Jones, wrote about audience etiquette...Read Full Story

Tiger Woods' Ambien Use

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Tiger Woods is holding his first briefing since he went into exile after admitting to extramarital affairs.  He plans to return to professional golf this week at The Masters.Tiger was asked if he's ever been addicted to Ambien or prescription drugs.  Ambien is a sedative, also called a hypnotic. It affects chemicals in your brain that may become unbalanced and cause sleep problems.  Tiger admitted to taking Ambien in the past, but also explained that he's never received treatment for abuse of...Read Full Story

Is Tiger Woods 'Entitled'?

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Tiger Woods is giving a live press conference today in advance of his return to professional golf.  Woods has not played in a competitive tournament since his car accident and admission of several extramarital affairs.During the conference, a reporter asked, "Tiger, you said you felt entitled? How could you rationalize that in your mind?"  Tiger's response: I was in total denial. I lied to myself, lied to others. Just because I was winning golf tournaments doesn't mean a thing. He went on...Read Full Story