Kelly Tilghman Tiger Woods Interview

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Kelly Tilghman interviewed Tiger Woods yesterday, and the Golf Channel anchor kept the questions largely about the game, according to the Mercury News. Tiger's supposed to return to golf for the Masters in April, and in his first post-affair scandal interview, he got to talk about his plans on the field, instead of off for a change. He was a little nervous in the interview, and his voice quivered just a bit. He was interviewed outdoors at his home in a country club in Florida, so he was a...Read Full Story

Joslyn James Talks Text Messages [Audio]

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Joslyn James released a whole new can of worms in the Tiger Woods affair scandal saga today by posting a slew of dirty text messages he apparently sent to her during their sexual escapades. And, they're dirty. And, she went on radio show "Keeler in the Morning" to dish about them today. On the show, she talks about her site, where the text transcript is posted. She said she "wanted the truth to come out," and that's why she posted the messages. She said she wants...Read Full Story

Joslyn James Text Messages [Full Text]

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Joslyn James, a porn star and alleged Tiger Woods mistress, is keeping the golfer's affair scandal going. She just published a slew of dirty texts she says are from the golf great, and they're pretty raunchy, according to New York Daily News. She posted them on her new web site, and here's fair warning: They're really graphic. Joslyn James (Bauer Griffin) Her site,,(NSWF) has the full text of the messages Tiger supposedly sent her. They pretty much boil down to him...Read Full Story

Tiger Woods Text Messages [Full List]

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Tiger Woods looked like he was almost out of the woods with the whole affair scandal ordeal, but then he got thrown a curve ball: alleged mistress Joslyn James decided to publish a slew of texts she says are from the golf great. According to New York Daily News, she posted them on her new web site, and here's fair warning: They're really graphic. Joslyn James (Bauer Griffin) The site where she published the dirty messages was receiving so much traffic this morning that it was almost...Read Full Story

Sexting Joslyn James Site Shows Tiger Woods Texts

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Just when we thought the worst of the Tiger Woods fiasco was behind us, an alleged mistress, porn star Joslyn James, released the text apparently sent to her during her affair with the golf great, according to New York Daily News. And, here's fair warning, they're really graphic. Let's just say Tiger liked it rough, and that has nothing to do with golf terms. Joslyn James (Bauer Griffin) The text messages are posted on the alleged mistresses web site, which is currently receiving so much...Read Full Story

Tiger Woods Will Get Back in the Game April 8

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It's official: Tiger Woods is heading back to the greens for the Masters, beginning April 8. That means we've got a little less than a month to wait before we see the golf great in action on the course again, and apparently no one is happier than the PGA. Woods released a statement this morning, announcing his return to the sport after what will be about 4 months away from the game -- after no less than 10 alleged mistresses surfaced in late 2009. He said he's gone through two months of...Read Full Story

'South Park' Set to Take On Tiger Woods in Premiere

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(Getty Images | Inset from South Park promotional still)Never a show to shy away from controversy, South Park is ready to take on Tiger Woods and his much-talked about sex addiction in the opening episode of its 14th season on Wednesday. "It's such an important issue in America right now โ€” the sex addiction outbreak," show creator Matt Stone told the Associated Press Friday. "We're all really concerned about him and hope he gets better."Stone that the Tiger scandal its many facets gave...Read Full Story

Is Tiger Woods Returning to Golf in 2 Weeks?

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So, that whole "indefinite" leave from golf thing looks like it might definitely be over in a couple weeks, as sources are reporting that the shamed athlete will be back on the green for the Arnold Palmer Invitational starting March 25. Could it be? According to the New York Post, not one but two sources have confirmed Tiger has hired image re-builder to the stars Ari Fleischer to help him get things in order to come back to the game that made him famous in the first place. Fleischer was...Read Full Story

Report: Tiger Woods Home from Rehab

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Here's the latest bit of news in the Tiger saga: He's back home after allegedly completed his stint in rehab and just spent a week in intense marriage and family counseling in Arizona -- with Elin Nordegren. So, does that mean they're on the road to recovery? Who knows. What we hear is that he's back in Florida and practicing his golf swing. He's apparently been hitting balls at a course near his mansion, and, according to Us magazine, there's talk that he could make his comeback to the...Read Full Story

Tiger Woods Dropped by Gatorade

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Another one bites the dust: Tiger Woods' Gatorade endorsement was officially dropped, according to A spokesperson for PepsiCo confirmed the news today. Guess that apology on national TV didn't work miracles... "We no longer see a role for Tiger in our marketing efforts and have ended our relationship," spokeswoman Jennifer Schmit said in a statement. "We wish him all the best." Even though they've dropped their sponsorship, the company will continue to support Tiger's charity...Read Full Story